Kadaster carefully deals with the privacy of all persons included in its registrations. The law provides for these registrations to be public. Kadaster only uses personal data as part of the performance of its statutory tasks. When collecting, managing and providing personal data, Kadaster must comply with the Kadaster Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Processing of personal data

Kadaster processes your personal data at different times and for various purposes: 

If you have bought a house or, for instance, have a boat registered, Kadaster has recorded the underpinning document(s), containing your data, in the public registers and registered your data in the Kadaster Base Registration or in the registration for ships. In such cases, Kadaster processes your data in order to comply with a legal obligation. You can find more information on which personal data Kadaster processes on the Rightsholder’s privacy policy page.

Kadaster maintains a national facility for various public and private persons and entities. If you find an error in the recorded data in one of the registrations, you can provide feedback. Personal data is processed for the purpose of making and handling feedback. In order to be able to exchange information on the location of cables and pipelines (KLIC), Kadaster also processes contact details. The data processed by Kadaster regarding national facilities and KLIC can be found on the National Facilities Privacy Policy page

You can use web forms to order products, purchase services, request quotations or send your questions to Kadaster. The (personal) data that you provide via the web forms is needed to handle your queries, orders or to provide services. We only use your data to process your request, and we only process the necessary personal data for the performance of the contract between you and Kadaster. You will find which personal data Kadaster processes on the Customer Privacy Policy Page.

If you have made an application at Kadaster or if you are an employee, you can go to the Employee Privacy Policy page to find out which data is processed by Kadaster if you are an (ex-)employee, an applicant, a member of contract staff or a temporary agency worker. The processing of your data is required for the performance of a contract between you and Kadaster.

You can chat with our customer service on our website. As a chat user, your data will remain anonymous. Kadaster temporarily stores chat conversations (up to 3 months) for quality and learning purposes to improve our services and our website. You cannot derive any rights from the answers Kadaster provides via chat.

Kadaster website

For this website, Kadaster uses a reliable SSL Certificate to make sure that your personal data does not fall into the wrong hands. Kadaster’s website uses functional and analytical cookies. Find out more about cookies on the Cookies page.


When you visit a Kadaster facility, your name will be registered as well as, where appropriate, the name of the company or organisation you are working for so that Kadaster knows who is in the building in the event of an emergency, for example. This data shall not be shared with third parties and shall be destroyed after a period of 6 months.

Kadaster facilities are, among other things, protected by security cameras. When entering a building, you will be notified of the presence of cameras. The security footage is used to protect our staff, visitors and property and is only shared with competent authorities for investigation and/or enforcement purposes. If you want to see the security footage in which you appear, you should submit a request to the Kadaster Data Protection Officer. You can find more information about this under ‘Do you have any questions or complaints?’. The security footage can be stored for a maximum of 90 days, after which it is automatically overwritten. 

When using our Wi-Fi network as a visitor, your identity data (name and surname) will be registered to give you access to the network. Your IP address and MAC address will also be registered. The data recorded for the use of the Wi-Fi network shall be stored in view of the potential unlawful use of the network. Following a careful legal assessment, this data shall only be shared with competent authorities for investigation and/or enforcement purposes. The data shall be stored for a maximum of 6 months. The full privacy policy on the use of our network by guests can be read on the Privacy policy for guest use of Wi-Fi page.

Security of information

Kadaster uses technical and organisational measures to secure your data. Kadaster follows the security guidelines of ISO 27001 and the Government Information Security Baseline (BIO).

Your rights (data subject rights)

Under the GDPR, you have rights that you can invoke against Kadaster in order to better understand how Kadaster processes your personal data. Do you want to know which personal data Kadaster processes or do you believe that your data is inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant? You can find out more about your rights and how you can invoke them on the Statement on data subject rights page.

Questions and answers

Please contact us if you have any questions about privacy legislation. You can find our contact information on the contact page on our website.

Kadaster has a Data Protection Officer (DPO). For any questions on how Kadaster deals with your privacy, please contact Kadaster’s DPO via the privacy form. You can also call us at 088 - 180 52 50.

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