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What are cookies used for? 

This website uses cookies. A cookie is a small data file placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone while visiting a website. This file stores data such as preferred settings, order data or visitor information. 

The use of these cookies is necessary to reinforce the legitimate interests of Kadaster and website visitors. Cookies help to provide a well-functioning website. We provide more information about the cookies we use below. 

Functional cookies for optimal functioning 

We use functional cookies to allow our website to work optimally. For example, cookies allow you to stay logged in on the website when you want to stay logged in, or to keep track of what is in your shopping cart. 

Functional cookies on this site 

  • LFR_SESSION_STATE_40486: To keep user sessions anonymous (source: Liferay). Expires after the visit. 

  • GUEST_LANGUAGE_ID: To remember the language preference (source: Liferay). Expires after 1 year. 

  • COOKIE_SUPPORT: Preferred settings to save Liferay cookies (Source: Liferay). Expires after 1 year. 

  • JSESSIONID: To register how many users visit the site at any time (source: Liferay). Expires after the visit. 

  • ASP.NET_SessionId: To keep track of the visitor’s browser session when filling in web forms (source: Seneca) 

  • Location of the KLIC-viewer marker: If the location marker functionality is used in the application, the user’s location is requested in advance. The user’s location shall only be displayed to the user and shall not be stored or otherwise recorded. 

Analytical cookies to understand web statistics 

We use analytical cookies to better understand how our website functions. Google Analytics, Piwik and Siteimprove help us understand key statistics on our visitors’ user experience. We analyse this data, which allows us to tailor the website to visitors even better. 

Google Analytics was set up by Kadaster in accordance with the Personal Data Authority’s Guide on the privacy-friendly setup of Google Analytics. This means that the following steps have been taken: 

  1. Kadaster has concluded a processing contract with Google. 

  1. Kadaster has set up privacy-friendly Google Analytics, which means that the information is kept anonymous as often as possible. The IP address consists of 4 octets of 3 digits each. Kadaster has chosen to mask the last octet of the IP address. 

  1. In the standard Google Analytics settings, Kadaster has unselected the ‘share data with Google’ option. This means that the collected information is not shared with Google or others. Moreover, Kadaster has not given Google permission to use the obtained information for other Google services. 

  1. Kadaster informs its website visitors about the use of Google Analytics. 

Piwik and Siteimprove are set to assign a randomly generated identifier (ID) to generate statistics. The masked IP address is shown to Kadaster as a generated identifier. As a result, visitors are completely anonymous and are only known to Kadaster as ID numbers.

No information that is traceable to the user is transmitted by Piwik or Siteimprove. By using these settings, the consent of website visitors is not required to use these analytical cookies. 

Examples of data we collect: the number of website visitors, how visitors arrived on our website and the pages they visited on our website. 

Analytical cookies 

  • _pk_id: To see if a visitor is new or has already visited the website (source: Piwik). Expires after 13 months. 

  • _pk_ses: To see which pages visitors have consulted (source: Piwik). Expires after 30 minutes. 

  • _pk_ref: To see which website the visitor came from (source: Piwik). Expires after 6 months. 

  • _ga, _gat_UA-126466113-1: Distinguishes unique users and pages that users have already seen (source: Piwik). Expires after 26 months. 

  • _gid: Registers a unique anonymous ID (source: Google Analytics). Expires after 26 months. 

  • _cfduid: Cloudflare cookie used by Siteimprove to register individual clients (no personal information) (source: Siteimprove/Cloudflare). Expires after 1 year. 

  • Nmstat: Determines whether the visitor is new or has already visited the site (source: Siteimprove). Expires after 1 000 days. 

  • Siteimproveses: Tracks the order in which pages have been viewed (source: Siteimprove). Expires after the visit. 

Blocking and deleting cookies 

You can block cookies via your browser. If you block all cookies, our website will work less well. Therefore, it is best to only select the unwanted cookies you wish to disable via your browser settings. It is also possible to block the Google Analytics script. To do so, you can download an opt-out plug-in for Google Analytics at This allows you to block cookies from other websites. 

Questions and answers

Please contact us if you have any questions about privacy legislation. You can find our contact information on the contact page on our website.

Kadaster has a Data Protection Officer (DPO). For any questions on how Kadaster deals with your privacy, please contact Kadaster’s DPO via the privacy form. You can also call us at 088 - 180 52 50.

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