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In addition to managing registrations, providing information is a key task for Kadaster (Article 3 of the Kadaster Act). The information products from registrations and national facilities take many forms, such as data files, formal documents or maps. 

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Kadaster provides legal certainty in the area of real estate, ships and aircraft. To ensure legal certainty, it is essential that the data stored in the register remains publicly available: anyone can consult who is an owner or who has other rights. Personal data can also be accessed by everyone. This means that the data can be retrieved by address or parcel number. Authorised users, such as a civil-law notary or judicial officer, may also request data by name (i.e., what does this person have in their name).

Kadaster uses registered personal data only for the purpose of carrying out its statutory tasks as set out in the Kadaster Act. For instance, Kadaster uses your name and address to send you notifications in case of changes in the registration or to send you an invitation to designate a new property line. Kadaster can carry out statistical analyses of the data contained in the registration while ensuring that results cannot be traced back to individuals.

In order to check the quality of your data and to ensure its accuracy, Kadaster checks your data in the Personal Records Database (BRP), kept by the relevant municipality. Among other things, Kadaster uses your Dutch Citizen Service Number (in Dutch: burgerservice nummer, abbreviated: BSN) for this purpose. Kadaster can do so being the managing authority for the public registers and the Kadaster Base Registration.

Kadaster records the following data, inter alia:

  • the buyer’s personal details: such as their name, address and date of birth, sex, partner’s details if applicable, marital status
  • the buyer’s rights in respect of registered property: such as ownership or built structures
  • reference to the documents entered in the public register
  • parcel number (if applicable), address and description of the registered property
  • transactional data: date of registration and purchase price (if applicable)
  • mortgage data: details of the mortgage lender and the principal amount of the underpinning mortgage loan

The data you provide as part of the feedback report will only be provided to the source holder of the data for which you provide feedback. After your feedback has been processed, the source holder will inform you thereof via the email address you provided.

For the purpose of the exchange of information for KLIC, the personal data of the groundwork contractor (name and contact details) will be provided to the grid operator(s) providing grid information. The data of the grid operator(s), and particularly the personal data of the contact persons of the various grid operators, will also be provided to the groundwork contractor. The data relating to the requests for grid information and the provided grid information (including the contact details of the groundwork contractor and (the contact persons of) grid operators) shall also be provided to Agentschap Telecom. Agentschap Telecom has been designated as the supervisory authority and needs this data to monitor compliance with the WIBON by groundwork operators and grid operators. Notifications for coordination under the WIBON are provided to all grid operators involved in the identified area and the municipalities concerned.

The data on the number of claims shall be provided to Agentschap Telecom as part of its monitoring of compliance with the WIBON and shall be made public and anonymous by Kadaster.

The Land Registry will not retain your personal data for longer than is necessary for the purpose of processing. Once this purpose has expired, your data will be deleted unless a longer retention period is required by law or regulations (e.g. Archiefwet – Public Records Act). In principle, this means that your personal data will be deleted no more than 7 years after your departure from employment. In the case of applications, this means that your data will be anonymised 4 weeks after completion of the recruitment and selection process. Application data cannot be traced back to specific individuals.

Your personal data that Kadaster registers in the Kadaster Basic Registration can be consulted free of charge on the website You can read more about your rights as a data subject on the data subject rights page

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CYS Group B.V. conducts a customer satisfaction survey for Kadaster. Your data and the feedback you provide will be kept confidential and will not be provided to third parties. Your input will be used to evaluate and improve our products, services and service provision. More information can be found in our privacy policy.

Cys Group B.V. and Kadaster are not liable for any incorrect or incomplete transmission of the information in the invitation email for the customer satisfaction survey or for any delay in receiving it. The invitation mail does not imply any obligations and is only intended for the addressee. If you have wrongly received the invitation email for the client satisfaction survey, please contact CYS Group B.V. and remove its contents.

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