Privacy policy for guest use of Wi-Fi

Important information on guest use of our Wi-Fi network

We handle your personal data with great care

You can access the Wi-Fi network only if you allow Kadaster to register your identity information (particularly your name and surname). Kadaster uses this approach following the case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union (the highest European court). It provides that user registration and the related processing of personal data are justified in the protection of intellectual property rights (e.g. third-party copyrights). Your personal data will be stored by Kadaster for a maximum of 6 months from the time of receipt.

We have chosen to store personal data because Kadaster may have the legal duty to provide identifying data if users infringe third party rights. Kadaster only provides such data after a careful legal assessment. The processing referred to in this context is necessary to reinforce Kadaster’s legitimate interests and, in certain circumstances, to reinforce the legitimate interests of the owners of intellectual property rights (e.g. copyright holders).

Log files

Apart from identity data, log files are also stored in a separate database. The logs contain personal data, as the log files show the time at which each IP address has carried out certain actions on the Wi-Fi network (e.g. visiting a particular website). Your MAC address (your device’s unique identifier number) is also recorded in the log files. Kadaster shall record this information in order to ensure that the Wi-Fi network is as reliable as possible. In addition, Kadaster must store this information based on Section 12.4 of the BIO (Baseline Informatiebeveiliging Overheid, v1.04). The information contained in the logs shall only be consulted if a security incident has been detected and/or in the case of unauthorised use of the Wi-Fi network by a user. This personal data processing is required to reinforce Kadaster’s legitimate interests. The logs shall be stored for a maximum of 6 months.

Separate database

As indicated above, the log files related to identity data are contained in a separate database. The logs are managed by an external party who is competent in the field of information security. As there is a separate database, there is no direct link between your activity on the Wi-Fi network and your identity data. However, Kadaster may create that link if a security incident has been detected which has caused damage to Kadaster or in the event that Kadaster has suffered damages as a result of the unlawful use of the Wi-Fi network. The link will only be made after a careful technical and legal assessment has been made. In such cases, Kadaster uses personal data to take legal action (possibly preceded by a liability statement or other correspondence) and, where appropriate, in support of a legal claim. For the same reasons, Kadaster considers that the 6-month storage of identity data is justified. The processing referred to in this context is, therefore, necessary to enforce Kadaster’s legitimate interests.

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