Registering Ship Ownership in the Netherlands

The ships register in the Netherlands is administrated by Kadaster, The Dutch Land Registry and Mapping Agency. We collect and register administrative and spatial data on property and the rights involved. 

You can have the ownership of your ship registered (ship registry) in the public registers. 

Would you like to borrow funds using your ship as collateral? To establish a mortgage right, ownership registration in the Ship Register is compulsory.

Establishing Ship Ownership

Registering a ship in the public registry will establish the ownership of your ship. Even if your vessel is under construction at a shipyard in the Netherlands, you can still have it registered. Your ship will be given a stamp. This contains a unique identification number. 


Once the registration process has been initiated, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate, a department of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, issues a Certificate of Registry and Tonnage Certificate. Which is needed for to complete the registration for sea-going vessels.

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